Things that I learnt as a former master candidate

Acceptance of being a visual learner

Photo by Ayelt van Veen on Unsplash

Optimising my visual learning

After acknowledging that I am a visual learner, I found ways to optimising my learning strengths in doing my research. However, I learnt that optimising my learning strengths can be uncomfortable to other people, as they do not understand why I have to process it unconventionally. I do not think that my ways are unconventional. It is just that I followed the ‘move fast, break things’ motto by Mark Zuckerberg. I reinterpret this motto into my research to try methods. If it works, I will continue using it, but if it does not work or stagnate, I will find other methods to synthesize with my other methods.

Three colour-coded files that I created in my research.
The timeline above is the synthesis of books and articles that I have read, and I mapped it to see the journey of Arabian Nights from Britain to Malaysia.

Think like a researcher, not a student

Going back to university to do my postgraduate means that I am a student again.

The turning point of my life was when I addressed myself as a researcher (penyelidik) instead of a student.


I have been meditating more. Meditation is crucial for me because it helped me acknowledge my emotions and limitations. For the meditations, I used Emotionally Healthy Spirituality by Pete Scazzero. I learnt to acknowledge and address my emotions through his book. I grew up having to suppress my emotions because I was told that having negative emotions such as sadness and anger were wrong. The suppression of emotions was compounded by other factors, such as a patriarchal and religious society.



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Elle L

Elle L

I create art to find personal meaning, and I write to understand diverse meanings. This is a place to document my life and its processes.